Is your business protected in the event of the unexpected?
24th June 2010
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Is your business protected in the event of the unexpected?

Running your own business may leave you little time to consider your financial future but what would you do if a critical illness such as a heart attack or stroke, forced you or a key person within your business to be absent from work for a period of weeks or months – could you afford to maintain your lifestyle? Could your business continue to exist? These days, more and more people survive critical illnesses and recover – only to find that their livelihood has suffered in the meantime.


If the worst should happen and your business is not fully protected, your family could be left without enough money to pay the day to day expenses. Chances are that you have covered the tangible assets of your business, such as the buildings, machinery and even vehicles.  But have you protected yourself?


Whether it’s for you, your business partner, or even a key employee, it’s important that you think about Business Protection.  Business Protection is a way of protecting your business in the event of the unexpected occurring. It can also ensure your business can continue trading.


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