In the old sense of the word is Business Networking dead?
15th September 2010
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In the old sense of the word is Networking dead?

In reality is it not more about CONNECTING?

So what is the best way to connect? In order to forge a relationship you need to make an impression.
To make an impression you need to have done something that will make you remembered.

So how do we do that? – There are of course the basics to adhere to such as :

Ask open questions like  ‘How did you get started in the widget business?’
Maintain eye contact
Wear something distinctive
Etc etc…

But here are three of the favourite things I like to do in addition to make sure someone remembers me :

1. Write your number on the front of your business card. Telephone numbers are often in very small print and when the contact gets back to their office with a pile of cards whose will stand out?

2. Try to introduce every new person you meet to at least one other person. No one forgets this type of introduction – when they get together who will be the common denominator?

3. Don’t ask them about their business, ask them about their PASSION! Sometimes this can of course be the same thing but either way you will engage and be remembered. For example, someone is far more likely to grab my attention if they talk about Harley Davidson’s than financial advice!

In Summary

It’s not about Who you know
It’s not about who knows you
It’s about what you do for the people you know……..

If you give with the hope of something of equal value in return you may be disappointed.

Just give for the sake of giving!

Happy Networking!

Thornton Holmes

Education Coordinator BNI Synergy

“Whatever we have accomplished is because other people have helped us.”

Walt Disney.

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