Improve Your Health and Your Wealth- Event !
21st June 2010
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Improve Your Health and Your Wealth!

USANA- the world’s LEADING health experts!

As every business owner is the engine of their company, you need to ensure the engine is well oiled and in condition to do great in business. We get you at your best and keep you there!

An ideal referral for me is someone who can attend our Health and Freedom seminar this Thursday 24th June, where we will have a special talk by UK head of customer relations Alan Bergstrom.

Alan works closely with the Usana Sponsored Women’s Tennis Association, and anyone in the sports or health industry would find this talk of great value.
I am sure most individuals would agree there is some aspect of health you can improve- this would be a GREAT way to find out how to go beyond the sub standard.

You may know someone looking to put some extra money in their pocket in a way that doesn’t impede their busy lifestyle- this talk will OPEN UP an effective way to do this.

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