how to choose a right accountant?
15th December 2009
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How to choose the right accountant

Why is this important?  I have witnessed some very talented people lose their business only because they had not been advised by their accountants in time however the same accountant was decent hard working person.

Doing the right thing is important however doing it WELL is what counts

Reduce the risk by checking the following -

  • Qualification - for example a certified or chartered accountant
  • Sector Knowledge - how many clients do they have in your sector and since how long.  How much knowledge do they have about your business sector.  All Accountants do not understand the fact that you may want to sell your buiness one day with a premium hence how to avoid paying too much unnecessary tax
  • Size - Are they capable of handling your company's turnover? do they have inhouse expertise to handle a tax reviews, pay-roll, etc...?
  • Helpful - are they willing to connect you with the people they know who are going to be useful to you and your business?
  • Service - will they provide the personal service?  will they be proactive and will be be advicing you where your company is heading? Will they meet the necessary deadlines without being reminded?
  • Value for Money - Cheap accountants can end up costing you dearly - your business? your personal assests? However you do not want to spend over the top.  Ask who is going to be doing what - for example you do want a senior partner doing mundane paper-work, your payroll, etc....  Some offer a fixed fee however check carefully how much does this include.
  • references - Are the willing to let you talk to their cleints and also see of how success majority of their clients have been over time.

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