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6th December 2009
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Last Week I had the privilege of being present at the well attended business Seminar directed by Kush Shukla of Arivu - on

Implementation Creativity & Innovation to Maximise Your Growth.

This was a real eye opener - Its no big surprises why the winners keep winning.  They keep using the process of Creativeness and Innovation over and over.

Kush, with his real down to earth personality kicked by making us really think hard - 


"what is Creativity and What is Innovation?"

 "Why Don't we all Think creatively and then put our thoughts into Action?


Well, I am sure that the ones who attended this seminar are all on their way to using this process for Growth within their business.  However, for the ones who did not "ignorance could well be Bliss"   



Kush's has the passion to help raise excellence in people and organisations and get people to feel and achieve their true potential, purpose and value in life.   to visit Arivu Centre for Excellence Click here








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