How satisfied are you with Brent Council in the London Borough of Brent
27th January 2010
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To help people who work and live in Brent, for the last two years, I have talked with thousands of people who live and work in the london borough of Brent.

I have heard various stories, opinions, from our business and residential communities about our Brent Council

If you live or work in the borough of  Brent, and would like to share your opinions,  I would love to hear from you - 

Here are some of the hot topics...

  • Environmental - Waste Managements
  • Street Cleaning
  • Roads
  • Street Lighting
  • Ineffective Brent-Council Business Incentives
  • 2012 - How will or can local businesses/communities benefit
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Benefits
  • Public Transport
  • Parking Services
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Benefits
  • Public Safety and protection
  • Planning and Building Control

and  particularly if you are a business located in the borough, let us know how the brent council has

  • offered to help
  • helped you? if so?  was it effective?
  • not helped?

to respond CLICK HERE

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