How Fortunes can Change for Businesses
29th November 2009
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One of the services theBestofBrent offers to local businesses is an opportunity to build their reputation be letting their local clients talk about them on an independant business site


However many local businesses in the borough of brent say that they are doing so well and not worred about new business.


Lets take IKEA's example how fortunes can change.  The retailer's profitability has fallen away every year since 2004 in the UK.  to read more CLICK HERE


It's all the more reason to build your reputation while you doing well.  It is your digital HISTORY (testimonials, Blogging, etc..) that you have BANKED (on thebestofbrent) may save you once your fortunes starts to change. 

kesh morjaria - helping businesses passionately to record their history

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