How do I sell my businesses?
4th May 2010
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Believe it or not, even in the current climate, there are still many buyers looking to buy good, profitable businesses.

The issue facing most business owners is that they are great at running their businesses, but not great at getting the best price when selling their business.

Inevitably when a business owner decides to sell their business they take their eye off the ball and the business  suffers as a result.

What they would be better off doing, is passing the burden of preparing the sale of the business to an organization that has sold over 20 businesses, while they concentrate on what they are clearly good at, which is running their business!

Having an external organization come in preparing key documentation for the sale of the business and implementing process and procedures adds real, tangible value to the business.

One of the key things a buyer is looking for when purchasing a business is that they can see the value already in the business and the “skin in the game” for them. What this means is that they can clearly see where they add their value, and they are not buying a business for top dollar but you are still getting the deal you want.

For more information on selling your business contact Rupen Shah on 07868809350 

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