Group or individual, school or private lessons?
14th January 2015
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It is well established that music lessons provide more to a child than simply being able to play a musical instrument. They can help improve literacy, numeracy, creativity just to name a few of the benefits. However, when it comes to music lessons do you go for group or individual lessons and do you go for the lessons provided by your child’s school or private ones best? 

Group lessons

For some children and for some instruments group lessons are great! They are generally cheaper than one to one lessons and the student may get more from them being able to see how others are getting on and learning from them as well as their tutor. However, if you’re learning a woodwind or brass instrument, things like the right breathing technique are so important that in a group situation individual mistakes could be easily overlooked which could cause serious problems when playing later on in the student’s musical career.

Also in group lessons, there is a need for all students to work to a common goal – great for some but others may struggle to keep up and as such, fall behind as they can’t go at their own pace.

Individual lessons

These are generally more expensive but invariably pupils get more from them. Not only can they go at a pace dictated by them but they also get the tutors sole attention so any problems or difficulties can be picked up on early and sorted rather than leaving them until a minor problem become a major one that takes an awful lot of effort to correct.

In an individual setting, it also doesn’t matter if a pupil is struggling on something as the pace is set by them and any goal can be reached in their own time. As a result of this, it is easier for the pupil to stay motivated and can minimise frustration.

School lessons

School lessons can be limiting. Often only the basic instruments are covered, that is if any lessons are offered at all! If your child wants to learn something non-standard, trombone, harp, double base etc, then the chances are slim that the school will have the facilities to allow them to do so.

Not only this but in many instances funding for music lessons has been cut so getting music lessons may not be easy, or even impossible, so private lessons may be the only way if you want you or your child to have musical enrichment.

Private lessons

These offer the greatest flexibility. While it may be more inconvenient as it will often require travel to the place of tuition (often the tutor’s house) out of school/work hours, actually the benefits are greater than the drawbacks!

You can choose the tutor you want (opposed to having the tutor appointed by the school) and if you find that the tutor doesn’t suit then it is easy to find another and change to someone else hopefully more suitable. Not only this but private tutors do this out of passion and love and will often instil that in their pupils. They will have a great range of techniques as they are often experts in one particular instrument (as opposed to being a ‘jack of all trades’).

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