Got a blog? – Now, what do you write about?
18th July 2011
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Get over the myth that you have no time for blogging. Make time for the things that matter and as blogging is a marketing tool for your business, making the time for blogging matters.

A business blog is the best tool for increasing your internet visibility and can be used in conjunction with other social media platforms to disseminate your words. Once your content is online you can leverage it in many ways to work for you 24 hours a day and on multiple platforms.

Create a calendar:

If you know you write best in the morning, schedule your time for composing then. Commit to writing content two or three time a week Read and follow other blogs that are in the same industry as yours When possible, leave comments on other blogs Comments provide more exposure and visibility and can drive traffic back to your blog This can bring you to the attention of people who you may not have known before


List the categories that are of interest to your target audience. From that make 5 – 10 sub-topics that relate to the categories, that should make 50 blog posts (10 categories x 5 sub-topics).

Add a style of post:

How to Top 10 list Opinion Case study Q&A Interview

Mark your calendar with each subtopic and that’s a third of a year mapped out with ideas.

Don’t get laden down with the formality, if something happens, either current event or hot topic which you need to write about, be spontaneous and blog about it.

The more you blog the more you will discover things to write about. Everything that happens day to day becomes a source of inspiration. Keep a note of the different things, some you may never use but if you ever need inspiration your list is there.

Write several blogs at one time – if you really do have limited time to work on your blog, write several posts at the same time and schedule them to go live when you want. Schedule them according to your calendar that you have previously organised.

A helping hand is to occasionally invite others to guest blog for you. It’s a good idea to introduce other voices within your industry.

If you are a solo blogger, Blogger Linkup could be another avenue. You submit a request and people who write on your topic can contact and provide content for you. It’s your choice whether you want an original post or previously published copy.


Prepare a written interview, between 5-7 questions that you post to your blog and invite experts in your topic to respond This can increase exposure for the responders Supply links back to their website or book You get more content that you don’t have to create, which positions you as an expert and provider of good informational content for your readers

Don’t forget to advertise the interviews in advance

Post often through the week will keep your blog fresh and up-to-date, creating content that will help increase traffic, resulting in more leads and opportunities.

Just a few ideas but you need to put together a schedule that works for you and your business, which helps you write an active and impressive blog that people want to follow and refer to.

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