Golden Tours Sightseeing - Windsor Castle, Bath and Stonehenge
5th August 2010
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Golden Tours - Enjoy Fantastic Coach Tours with Spectacular Sightseeing at Windsor Castle, Bath and Stonehenge


Windsor Castle - Visit the World's Oldest and Largest Castle

Since its foundation nine centuries ago Windsor Castle is the oldest and the largest castle in the world.

The castle has been the official Royal residence of Her Majesty the Queen. No British tour can be complete without a tour of the castle.

Over the course of its 900 year existence, the external architecture has remained true to its original form. However, every Royal Family has stamped its own preferential style on the interior decor and art on display.

Windsor Castle is set in magnificent surroundings alongside the famous River Thames in Royal Berkshire - only 20 miles from the centre of London.

As part of this magnificent tour, ensure you take time-out to visit some of the older traditions on show like the Changing of the Guard, the astonishing art and antique furniture collection, decorative artefacts and the awe-inspiring ceiling artwork.

Located within the grounds of Windsor Castle, stroll through the Windsor Great Park. Take in the beautifully-maintained gardens displaying the beautiful English countryside punctuated with ancient sculptures exuding the grandness of Royal Richness through the ages.

To round off this historic and memorable part of your tour, enjoy a visit to this magnificent site just a few miles away from the London's urban attractions.


Further west on your historic coach tour lies the beautiful city of Bath  on the banks of the River Avon.

Known as the City of Spa, Bath  was built by the Romans andwas the first city to be highlighted on the British map as a world heritage mark.

With its rich collection of museums, theatres, sports venues and cultural activities Bath  is unique among English cities. Almost five million visitors from around the world visit this historic city every year.

Bath  is renowned for its fine music and art with many schools, colleges and, not one, but two universities in its heritage to make it a must-see place stop on your wonderful tour.


Heading back east from the City of Spa lies the "ancient silent culture of stone" - Stonehenge  - a sight not to miss and never to forget.

Stonehenge  is an interesting subject of architectural study that leads many to ponder its original purpose.

This historic monument may be the most mysterious construction of an era between  the Neolithic and Bronze Age. Standing for over 5000 years the site has led to worldwide debate as to whether it is the remains of an ancient temple, a galactic clock or even a burial site.

This is truly a unique and giant collosus and a must-see monument to complete your fascinating tour of the area west of London.

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