Gela - Supplier of Food Provisions to Ship Chandlers
18th August 2010
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Gela Frozen Food is a dynamic company offering unique products to the market place, We have a huge variety of products, all truly Italian Frozen food. With offices in throughout USA, Europe and a new office in UK.

We provide a one stop shop solution for our customers in retail, catering, and food industry.

Why would Gela Frozen Food be succesful on your ship

  • Gela Frozen Food seals in the freshness locking in the vitamins and minerals, as well as the taste and texture.
  • Thanks to freezing technology, people can enjoy all types of our food throughout the year, regardless of the season at affordable prices.
  • Gela Frozen Food is easy to keep, easy to use, can be stored for up to 18 months and offers brilliant flexibility for meal planning, thereby reducing wastage.
  • Our product is frozen within minutes giving a superior texture, taste and appearance, as well as retaining the nutritional value.
  • We product unquie products are tempting starters and will be loved by the crew members right to the customers.

These products are prevalent in Italy, Europe and the USA in venues such as

  • Weddings, and celebration events
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Wine bars, Cocktails Bar and Nightclubs
  • Corporate and Hospitality events
  • Stadia Events and Cruise ships

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