Gela Frozen Food - Olive Ascolane (Gigantic Stuffed Breaded Olives)
20th October 2010
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Olive Ripiene All’Ascolane (Gigantic Stuffed Breaded Olives with minced mixture of beef, pork, mortadella, cheese and various aromatic herbs)

It’s the typical dish of Ascoli Piceno city, obtained by removing the stone from the large green olives and stuffing the green fleshy part of them with minced mixture of beef, pork, mortadella, cheese and various aromatic herbs.  The olives are then covered with a four veil and bread-crumbs

Ingredients: Green pitted olives (33%), semi-finished products for breading: (wheat flour, yeast, salt, paprika). Water, beef, pork, mortadella, wheat flour, salt, cheese,  vegetable oil, corn flour, corn starch, celery, carrot, onion, a powdered egg, nutmeg, pepper, agents.

Preparation: To be eaten cooked. Do not defreeze; fry directly in a pan or in a deep fryer in very hot oil (190c) for 4/5 minutes

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 "Gela Frozen Food" are launching exclusively various highly successful Italian tapas / finger food in the UK for the very first time, such as the infamous "Olive Ascolana" from the medieval town of Ascoli Piceno in the region of the Marche, in Italy.
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