Four simple rules of social media
14th October 2009
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1. Apply commitment
If you decide to set up your profile on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn you will need to regularly post new content and keep it up to date. This is a commitment that’s required from you the moment you press the Submit button to save your profile If you can’t do this – don’t bother starting as it will send a wrong message and will not attract any new customers.

2. Manage friends

All messages and friends’ requests received on social networking sites must be handled in a timely manner. You need to treat them in the same way as if they were your usual business emails received in the Outlook or Lotus Notes. However don’t just automatically accept all requests. When it comes to social networking, it’s about quality not quantity. You must make the time to vet followers using tools like

3. Keep with the image
Don’t accept irrelevant requests. Set your preferences to pre-screen all new comments or content. Decline anything not keeping with the business image you want to present. Don’t allow sexual photos or links to website, foul language, random advertising or spam. Otherwise your profile will quickly become irrelevant, boring and non-professional.

4. Take fun seriously

Your social media profile is just another form of your business Web site. It’s part of your business PR strategy. Before adding anything – consider the impression it will have on those viewing it. However have fun when writing or adding content, make sure your personality shines through. People will want to read about you, not a glossy sales pitch or dry stats you found on the Internet.

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Good luck with blogging!

Tamara Baranova
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