Facebook,Twitter or Blog? – Plan your way to a better experience in your Social Media world
18th July 2011
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With all the social media activity available today, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, your Blog or any of the many others, here are a few tips to keep them all running smoothly.

Construction – a plan

If you know where you want to be, what you are aiming for, your strategy for all your social media marketing can be formulated with this in mind. If you have no idea where you are heading or just what you are trying to achieve, all your efforts may well be in vain. You may well have opened up all the channels but wander around not knowing what to do next when all your work results in no interaction with others.

There are such a vast number of people using social media, it’s an incredible opportunity to reach a worldwide audience, bringing your service or product to them with ease and speed.

Clients and customers

Know who your audience is, when you understand who you are selling to, you can supply exactly what they want and target specifically. Using polls, metrics and reports you can identify your customers, ask them how you can serve them better and refine your products or services accordingly. Check out the social media polls, metrics and reports available within the systems so you can make use of these and learn what drives your customers and clients. Discover what they want, what they need and how they respond to your pages.


Don’t let your content stagnate and update it on a regular basis. With a list made in advance of topic ideas for your content when writing blogs or Facebook, you will never be stuck for an idea. A notebook, in hand or online, to jot things down in as you find them, whether a website or a snippet that will be of interest to research and share with your audience. Have the various channels inter-relating with each other so your content is shared in part, spreading your word amongst your social media. Supply an ever-changing content that your audience will want to return to, to see what news you have posted and what’s new in your world.

Content, ‘you’ and your audience

In the same way that you should have interesting, quality content whether you blog, twitter or Facebook, like-wise you should aim for quality and not quantity in your fans, followers and readers. If you have built a genuine and honest brand that represents your product or service, your interaction with customer or client stand a better chance of beginning and continuing.

Bringing your personality to social media encourages a relationship with your audience because they can see you are human. This doesn’t mean you have to expose your private life to the world but adding a little humour and some snippets that say who you are, this can really help with forming a relationship with customers. Consider what will be of interest to your customers about you, in the context of what you are selling.

Other things that are of interest to your followers or fans, things that you have discovered, new product launch, latest developments in your industry, a clip of a humourous video, will all add interest to your content and keep you from becoming a bore. Your aim is to supply interest in all your social media, keeping your following entertained so that you and your brand are first in their minds when they need your product or service.

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