Experiencing inner power and protection
13th September 2009
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Experiencing inner power and protection
How can you develop inner power and how can this give you the sense of protection you need in a world that is full of challenges? It was a topic that was addressed at a special event hosted by the Brahma Kumaris at their Global Co-operation House premises in northwest London.
The event focused on a discussion between Sir Gulam Noon, prominent British businessman and Sister Jayanti, Director of the Brahma Kumaris in Europe. It was chaired by Emily Buchanan, world affairs correspondent and presenter for the BBC.
Emily began the event by asking Sister Jayanti to explain what the purpose behind the Brahma Kumaris Inner Power and Protection project.
Sister Jayanti said: "People have lost the inner sense of security and comfort and faith in knowing there is a protection coming from above. So our contribution is to make people aware that there is an inner resource and strength that they can draw upon in life."
Turning to Sir Gulam Noon Emily asked him to share his experiences of being one of the hotel guests caught up in the terrorist attacks in Mumbai last year [2008]. He said that there were three separate occasions when he could have been shot, but in his heart, he knew he would survive: "I just kept the thought that I must do my level best to survive. When you are a spiritual person there is clarity.”
He went on to reveal the core beliefs and values that he said have acted as the foundation for this life: "I am a very spiritual person, I do pray every night. Spirituality gives you strength as well. A spiritual person does not have to fear."
Sister Jayanti further added to this idea that there is a sense of truly understanding oneself that spirituality provides the key to: "When guided by an inner intuition and when there is a connection with God then you will be moving along the right track.”
When pressed further on the issue of religion and God, Sister Jayanti shared her experience of using the energy of the Divine: "I believe there are many energies - physical, emotional and spiritual and also Godly energy. When I can link with the Supreme, I can experience God's power around me - the energy of truth, light and goodness. That is what protects me. God's protection also helps to protect me against the evil within - my own anger, greed and so on. A spiritual practice can protect me and extending outwards it protects others around me too."
The audience, which comprised of politicians, community leaders, journalists, businessmen and other professionals, were then given the opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences. The event ended with a guided meditation from Sister Jayanti.
For more information on the Inner Power and Protection project and events around the UK and rest of the world, visit:
For any other media inquiries, call: 07952 188 779 or 020 8955 1935

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