End of year cheer!!
21st December 2009
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The Business Club dedicated the last meeting of 2009 to having "structured" fun! We had a very innovative team-based quiz, devised and run by SolutionsForce. It tested strategic planning, business acumen and networking skills through a series of high speed, hilarious and/or controversial rounds.
One of the only serious questions, for a bonus point was to guess what percentage of the 25 business owners and entrepreneurs in the room had answered either 4 or 5 to the question below:
What kind of a year has your business had?
1. Bad
2. Survived by skin of teeth
3. As expected
4. Surprisingly ok
5. Brilliant
Options were close to a) 60%, b) 75%, or c) 90%. What would you have guessed? Rather than raucous laughter the other rounds generated the answer to this one caused a few jaws to drop. The answer was a very heart and wallet warming c)! On reflection, despite the talk and headlines of doom and gloom, most Business Club members have had a good or even great 2009 - supporting the premise of the power of quality networking!
For those who missed the night... you missed finding out other members' unusual secrets and will never know the business reason that just over 50% of members wouldn't hesitate to take a lifelong vow of chastity for!

A big thank you to Paola Bradley of Solutionsforce for organising the evening - check out their website at www.solutionsforce.com and see how your business could benefit from their expertise!

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