Economic Casualties
28th October 2008
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Two Companies that I know have been the victims of the The Stock-Market roller coaster in the last few weeks and the sudden economic downturn - together with many jobs gone.

The Silver-lining is that the Oil prices have come down (however the pump-prices have not dropped by the same percentage point - no prizes for guessing who is making money) - however seeing the record profit posted by BP wonders ...

Now the very People who got us all in this mess are all learned, bright, clever, qualified, etc... yet how can this happen - Some say Money is the root of all evil - Now is it? or is it Human-Greed - by these very "learned" people who we put our trust in.

Greed is a by-product of wanting more than one Needs and wanting more than someone else has - Until the present-day education system does not address basic Human Ethics they will be outputting as they always have been - Highly educated Greedy people - far more dangerous than just plain greed.

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