Do you struggle with delegation?
2nd October 2009
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There are many good reasons why Entrepreneurs need to let go and delegate.  In other words, outsource the things that can be outsourced so you can use your ‘boundless energy’ to be more creative in your business.

If you’d like to know what the Entrepreneurial Curse is - keep reading!  And make sure you read this post to find out how you can best utilise a Virtual Assistant.


It’s so cool to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs have boundless energy, the need to create, the capacity to work for long hours without sleep, and the ability to make things out of nothing. These qualities can all be powerful drivers of success, but this enthusiasm can also keep you from moving forward and cause you to strangle your business — you can only do so much yourself before you hit the wall. Recognizing when you need help, and being able to let go and empower others to help you, can really be liberating.

Check yourself against the following symptoms to find out if you’re a victim of the Entrepreneurial Curse!

Symptoms of the Entrepreneurial Curse

  1. You’re always jotting down notes about your great ideas but you can’t ever get to them.
  2. You find yourself saying, “I can do it better myself.”
  3. You find yourself saying, “It will take me longer to tell someone else how to do it than it will for me to do it myself — so I’ll just do it myself.”
  4. You find yourself saying, “No one can do it without my help anyway, so I might as well do it myself.”
  5. You find yourself saying, “Nothing gets done right around here unless I do it.”
  6. You find yourself saying, “My clients expect me to be doing all of the work — they won’t accept a phone call from an assistant. So I might as well do it myself.”

I guarantee you that none of those statements above are true — you just think they are (it’s okay, we all do at one time or another).

It’s a blessing to be an entrepreneur. But it can turn into a real drag if your business is at a standstill because you’re holding on too tight. Think about using that boundless energy and need to create more expansively by getting out of the busy-ness of your business and using your genius more effectively.

Now that you know you’ve got “the Curse,” you’ve got no excuse.


Tamara Baranova
TJConsulting - Your Virtual PA

By by Marcia Hoeck, Coach,


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