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23rd August 2010
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A recent survey has found that a staggering 62 per cent of office workers in Britain are too hot at work during the summer months.

But more worryingly for businesses is the impact this has on their efficiency, with 63 per cent of people interviewed saying that working in an environment that is the wrong temperature makes them sleepy and lethargic. A staggering 59 per cent feel less productive.

In order to avoid this dip in productivity, companies are being advised to think about installing air conditioning. During the summer months, we are at our busiest. We receive a huge amount of calls from office, warehouse, factory and facilities managers, who are aware of the effect temperature, can have on a workplace.

Whilst there is no statutory limit or Government legislation set for the upper temperature in a workplace, there is a clear link between the efficiency of a workforce and the temperature of their surroundings. By utilising temperature control systems managers are able to maintain a constant internal temperature, making employees feel more comfortable at work, as well as helping to boost productivity.

When companies think of installing an air conditioning unit they need to imagine the smooth operations as a result of happy employees.

The new, modern systems are small, lightweight, energy efficient and can be used to cool, heat and filter, along with dehumidifying the air and preventing mould growth. They are also very economical to buy, particularly as many qualify for enhanced capital allowances for business tax purposes (i.e. a 100% tax deduction in the year of expenditure). In some circumstances the expenditure can be funded by way of an interest free loan from the Carbon Trust. How COOL is that?

For those interested in hearing more about the benefits of air conditioning, please call Aire Serv on 020 8427 4672.

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