Collecting cards... or people?
10th December 2009
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Every time you attend a networking event you will collect between 5 and 20 business cards. Over a few months it can become more than 100. Over 100 little cards with names of people you've once met. They can be your potential customers, suppliers, referrers - or they can just stay as cards. It's what you do with cards that makes all the difference.

You need to have a system in place where you can add new contacts, follow up, diarise actions, record information you obtained via calls and meetings. A system that is easy to use and that can be synchronised with your email and mobile device. After each event you attend you need to schedule time to add new contacts to the system and schedule your first action - call to arrange a meeting or send an email with the information you've agreed to send.

Sounds easy and obvious but are you actually doing this?

Now if you look at your pile of business cards on the desk and in various drawers - you may feel like giving up. But don't despair - our help is always at hand. We can help you choose the right system, set it up and enter details from cards you have already. We will then train you to use it and move forward.

Why? So that you can start collecting people (and building relationships) rather than collecting cards.

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