Cloud computing - why home office & SME’s stand to gain the most from it
8th March 2010
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Cloud computing’ is the latest technology set to change the way home offices and small business owners run their companies.  There has been a lot of press recently about ‘the cloud’ from the likes of Microsoft and Google, so what is it and what impact will it have on small business?    In short, ‘Cloud computing’ provides companies with the ability to store data and access software services online via the internet.   

Traditionally, data and software was set up and stored on stand-alone PC Desktops and connected via a network, so team workers could access shared files and information with the assurance that the data was stored and backed up.  This back-up system was then managed and maintained by network specialists on a daily basis.  Larger businesses were able to justify the high costs against staff capacity however, it was a different story for the small businesses where cash flow was tight and staff resource low.  

This is where ‘Cloud computing’ comes into its own.  The advantages to small businesses are that they no longer need to set up servers for their staff IT needs,  nor employ  specialist staff to run a scaled down version of an IT Department to support that need.  Fortunately due to today’s technological advances everything is looked after online in ‘the cloud’ by the service provider.  The great news is that if your computer gets lost or stolen all your data won’t be lost as it is backed up ‘in the cloud’ and you can access it instantly from another computer, giving you peace of mind.  All the online business software provided to you is fully maintained and kept up to date for you at no added cost, unlike traditional versions.  You don’t have to spend endless time loading up the software onto each individual computer, every business owners nightmare,  simply click on an online link and you and your team have instant access to it instead.

‘Cloud computing’ brings extremely low cost  ‘online business services’  to  small businesses  and because the set up and running costs are minimal finally gives them access to big business tools enabling them to  compete with the big boys, without having to compromise on quality.  However, be warned it is a minefield out there as new online service providers optimise the rapidly expanding market  so  be sure to shop around to avoid what looked like a bargain only to discover an array of hidden costs. 

One such company that offers true value and a unique, comprehensive online business service is .   It connects telecoms, online business software  and Virtual Switchboard services together in one place so you don’t have to search out individual providers helping to save you time and effort at the fraction of the cost.

You can use services for as little as £12 per month and this gives instant access to:  shared diaries, customer database, maps, task management and integrated voice messages, fax, email, documents that are assigned to your contacts.   It makes co-ordination, document sharing and collaboration a whole lot easier and information can be accessed from a PC or other device anywhere in the world by you and your team.  Click here to find out more or sign up for FREE online demo.

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