Choosing a Virtual PA can mean Hugh Profits
24th November 2009
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Successful Business Owners realise the benefits of hiring the services of a Virtual PA -  so that they can free their time to do whatever they are best at.

However choosing the Right Virtual PA can prove to be a little Tricky - the concerns can be

  • Will they be able to Deliver the work in Time?
  • How well will they be able to work without supervision?
  • How accurate will their work be?
  • How will I know if they are honest with their time?
  • How Assessable will they be?
  • How well will they handle my clients?
  • etc....

What the clients of TJConsulting tell me is this: "They always deliver more than we expect, in time, accurate and the bestof all is that they take less time than what a normal secretary  takes.  As we pay by the hour, more work in less time means we save more."


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