Can you picture it?
18th April 2011
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The first step to realising a dream is to picture it first.

This means your brain wraps itself around an idea. With the left brain being logical the left brain perceives limitations and that is where the right brain comes in.

The right brain perceives things that have not yet happened, therefore it perceives possibility. The right brain thinks in pictures unleashing the creative side of life.

To activate the right brain you need to visualise the goal and then the left brain will work out the details. There is no need at this stage to consider whether or not something is plausible or realistic.

The key indicator that you are picturing a goal that you really want is the way it makes you feel.

Every atom in your body will be singing a happy song. You will feel a 'flow' of movement and be energised by the thoughts.

Listen to this feeling as this wonderful feeling will put power behind the thoughts to make it reality as the whole universe's natural state is this happy state and so when you feel this way you are inviting the power of the universe behind your wishes.

The key is that the feelings and the thoughts have to be sincere, that is, they have to be what you REALLY want, and not what someone else wants for you-as the feeling of wonderment cannot be faked!

Go visualise your goals and make it happen!

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