Can Social media really improve my business?
12th April 2010
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Can Social media really improve my business?

Like any good tool it really depends on whether you use it correctly. For many who say it’s not possible to make money on social media may have overlooked the fact that some people do, which  means you just need to crack the code.

Firstly it is something that builds momentum over time. Like networking with people face to face, they get to meet-like- know and then trust you. The same process takes place on Twitter, Linked In, Four Square or any social media site where you or your articles have a presence.

Tips on getting people to want to meet you online and eventually to the point where they want to do business with you:

1.       You need a face so that people can see your warm smile and friendly manner- get a photo! I never ‘follow’ or ask for friendship from anyone who doesn’t have a photo.

2.       Write about things that are relevant to your business however write genuine things about your life and your interests. People really want to get to know you and when they buy they buy into you rather than your product/ service.

3.       Think ‘Giver’s Gain’ – offer help to people online and be seen as a source for people to ask questions to.

4.       Be seen as an expert- in anything (yes even if it seems trivial)! It does not have to do with your business however showing an interest in something (genuinely) and being able to offer ‘new content’ on the subject will attract loyal followers. This adds something to your profile rather than re-tweeting and just repeating what others have said all the time.

5.       Call to action- make sure they can see a website or link for more information about your business and that’s the only sales related activity you really need to do!

6.       NEVER EVER SELL- think of social media as being at a party. It would be rude to shove your business card in someone’s face there so don’t do it online either!

Rita Hemraj, Regional Director, The PC Support Group

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