28th August 2009
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We are told that the recession is coming to an end and that it isn't as bad as it might have been - although it is/was certainly bad enough.

I remember, without any nostalgia, the last recession. My then PR office right by the old Wembley Stadium, with a magnificent view of the scoreboard but not of the pitch, started life as a busy hub of activity full of new work and busy staff and within eighteen months, the recession of the early 90s had transformed it into a close representation of the Fall of the House of Usher.

This time around, I neither have staff nor premises which, where possible, certainly helps. However that isnt the main reason why I seem to have been inhabiting a different world from that of the six o'clock news and the City pages.

Just under ten years ago I joined a BNI chapter and realised that my days of business isolation were over.  Not only did I have a source of business referrals and was introduced to opportunities that by my own efforts I would never have sniffed at.  Suddenly I had a whole raft of business people, professionals and trades who regarded me as a priority when I - or one of my clients had a problem.

Soon after I was asked to become a BNI Director and set up new Chapters which I have continued to do all over North West London and South Bucks. So I've seen hundreds, if not thousands of people pass through different BNI chapters (groups). Those who have worked the programme have had great fun and made loads of money.

As I attend meetings and see the opportunities passing from person to person, I marvel that I am living in the same country as the doom and gloom merchants.

I can think of numerous examples (not real names).  Bob the electrician who showed me all the business he had done in just one year. Robert the double glazing contractor who did £70,000 of work in one year. Sheila the telemarketer who has won major contracts through BNI referrals. Sam who has just started up a new company selling drinks machines for offices and told me after just three weeks that the advice alone that he had received made joining BNI the best business decision he had ever made.

We only allow one person per category into each BNI Chapter and it is because of that demand from people locked out of existing Chapters in the locality that we are starting a new Chapter on the Brent/Barnet borders.

Join us at our first informal meeting on Tuesday 8th September with networking from 6pm and the meeting starting at 6.30pm.  The venue is

The Training Suite (1st Floor) Denmark House The Broadway
Staples Corner London NW9 7BR

This could just be the most productive two hours of your business life.





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