21st January 2011
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If you want to start boxing, you may be wondering where to start your training. Following are some tips to help you get started.

All equipment should be properly maintained, both for the safety of the boxer and it will save money in the long run as well.

Of course, good training starts with a proper workout. While what constitutes a proper workout has been widely contested, there are some basics that almost everybody can agree on.

A typical workout would be the following:

First Round Shadow boxing. Loosening up. Warming the muscles. Trying all the punches.

Second, Third and Fourth Rounds Boxing, working hard and fast during the rounds. Complete relaxation between rounds.

Fifth Round Shadow boxing. Catching the wind and getting the heart back to normal rhythm and beat. Figuring out which punches worked best, which ones did not work and the reasons for their failure.

Sixth Round
Punching the light punching bag. Excellent for  hand eye coordination, learning to keep the hands high and becoming adept at punching fast.

Seventh Round More punching on the light punching bag or on the heavy sand bag.

Finish up with light body exercise and stretching.

The proper On
guard position is fundamental. I wish to stress in detail the all important stance or what we will call the "on guard" position.

All punches are thrown from the on guard position. The boxer must assume the on guard
position again at the finish of each punch with all possible rapidity. This procedure is necessary for proper deception. Thus the stance must be mastered at the beginning. With all punches starting from the same stance, naturally, an opponent has difficulty guessing whether the punch will be a left jab to the head or body, a left hook to the head or body, a double left hook to the body and head or a jab followed by a hook. If the boxer changes his stance or arm positions each time he throws a different punch, his opponent will soon catch on and meet him with a counter.

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