BNI Visitors DAY- Are you looking for more business?
17th February 2010
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Are you looking for more business?

Are you in NW London?

Would you like to meet the most active Local Business Owners?

to reserve your place at the VISITORS DAY of the Stadium Chapter of the BNI - (business network International) CLICK HERE and let me know ...

"kesh - reserve my seat at the 3rd of March Visitor's Day and here are my contact details"

  • your name
  • email address
  • mobile number 

Date: 3rd March 2010

Time: 6.45am - yes! and I am not joking - serious businesspeople prefer mornings

Where: mumbai Junction, 231 Watford Road, Wembley Middlesex, London
HA1 3TU for detailed map - CLICK HERE

How long?: to make the most allow to stay until 9.30am

What to wear?: your choice, business or casual but smart

A Small Fee: £10 per person meeting fee

Freebie: parking & breakfast

Opportunity: unlimited

Do not forget: your Business-Cards and lots of them!



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Kesh M

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Locally known as the best connected person in NW London. Kesh is an Advocate of the best local businesses and recommends who are highly regarded by their clients. He also is having the time of his life...

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