Are You Tired of Running Your Business?
31st March 2010
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I come across many business owners who used to have a passion for running their company.

They were the first ones to arrive in the morning and the last ones to leave.

They usually have grown the business from the bottom up.

Things have changed recently.

They have other business interests. Or, in their words “more interesting businesses” where they would rather spend their time.

As a result they have taken their eye off the ball and their first business is suffering due to lack of focus.

I have been involved in many businesses where the business owner just got “fed up” with the businesses. They wanted someone to take the “problem child” off their hands so they could concentrate on their “new baby”

To help the business owner, we have taken on these problem children, leaving them free to concentrate on their new business interest.

They are happier people as the do not have to drag themselves into work into a business they no longer enjoy. We are happy because we have taken on a business that fits our criteria.

If this sounds like you, then call rupen on 07868809350 or email at to discuss your business or businesses.

We are private investors who are looking to help small to medium sized businesses.

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