Are You Leveraging your Business?
14th September 2009
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How do you leverage your business?

What do you do to ensure that your time (and your staff's time) is put to best use, all of the time?

What about your database of clients and contacts - are you working it smartly?

When I talk to people I meet about how I can help them to save money on their utility bills both at home and in the office, they're able to see the benefits straight away and are keen to get on board to make the savings.

The confusion sometimes comes in when I tell them how they too can do what I do to maximise their business income.

Some of the more savvy business owners I deal with are able to see immediately how they can work with their existing client database or network of contacts in order to add a substantial residual income to their bottom line.

One such savvy business owner, who is in the financial services sector and who joined my business just a few weeks ago, has been working on a plan whereby the residual income from this business opportunity will soon overtake the income he currently makes from his work in the financial services sector.

He now simply goes to his current client base who already know, like and trust him and shows them how they can benefit from switching utilities and phone to our company. He also talks to his network of associates to show them how they can do the same for their current clients, thus building his team, his associates incomes and therefore his residual monthly income pot.

What does this have to do with your business? What if you're not in the financial services sector? It really doesn't matter. Anyone can be in this business if they can talk to people and help them understand how to save money. And who doesn't want to save money these days?

So if you are a hairdresser - do you talk to your clients about their lifestyles and even problems? Could you talk to them about saving some money? Will they thank you for it?

What if you're an estate agent? Do your clients use electricity and gas? Would they be happy for you to help them to deal with the switchover for them when they move?

Whatever your business, what do your staff do in their down time? Could they be busy contacting customers and helping them out with an added service?

In times like these we all have to think more laterally about how we can add services and skill mixes to our working lives - how are you going to do this?

Talk to me so I can show you how I do this and how you can too.


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