Are you having difficulty paying the tax man?
7th May 2010
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If your business is struggling with tax problems, like arrears of VAT and PAYE? Then your company could be insolvent!

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) does not take kindly, to not being paid as we have seen with many cases recently. Basically, its tax payer’s money and the collectors are there to collect it. There are no grey areas for them, just black and white. Pay up on time or they will take action.

HMRC have been getting more aggressive in 2010 as over 300,000 companies are on a payment plan and many are failing to keep up with the time to pay plan. This is sometimes as a result of being badly advised or not striking the best deal with HMRC for the business. As a result, many are seeing aggressive threats from HMRC.

We have negotiated the payment plan with HMRC for all of the companies we work with and they are all successfully sticking to the payment plans. In fact we have found HMRC to be very helpful when dealt with in the tight way. This is due to the relationship we have built over many years with key people at the HMRC and we understand how they work and what they are looking for.

Remember, non payment of tax is a loud and clear signal to the HMRC that your company is insolvent and you are failing to comply with tax legislation.

As a company director you need to act properly and responsibly and deal with the serious threat to your businesses.

If you would want an easy solution to get rid of your tax problems and save your business without having to pay a penny then call Rupen Shah on 078688 09350


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