are you going to be 50 or more by the 5th April 2010 - ? you need to act NOW!!
11th November 2009
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Access your Tax Free Lump Sum Pension Now.  But Hurry the Rules are changing soon.

If you are  50 or more by 5th April 2010 then it  may be possible to access in many instances tax free lump sum from your  pensions- this is normally limited  up to 25%  of the value of the pension fund.

BUT  if  you do nothing  at all by 5th April 2010  then the next time you will be able to access the  funds  will be at 55 ( unless the rules change!!)

So if you wish to establish  whether indeed you are able to access the funds and this is appropriate for your  specific  circumstances, you  need to  speak to Jim Poptani - an independent financial planner who will be able to  offer you advice  and establish all the facts and details.

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