Anti-pigmentation treatment 2: How pigmentation is eliminated
23rd July 2010
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There are three effective ways of eliminating pigmentation.

First : to lighten the pigmentation
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) is one of the most effective ingredients to improve the skin colour, lightening and brightening the pigmentations.

Secondly : to create healthy skin
It is indispensable to normalise melanin production and fight against free radicals, and to repair the thick, compact basal skin layer that produces healthy cells. The essential aim of any facial treatment is to normalise the skin function.
In anti-pigmentation treatments especially, the vitamins A, C and E are the most active ingredients as they work on the skin as a normaliser and anti-oxidant.

Thirdly : to remove the pigmentation
Finally we need to remove the dead cells in the skin, and reduce the pigmentation or scar tissue, thus improving the skin cell turnover. This is basically exfoliation, but on a deeper level. Chemical peels or microdermabrasion are well-known facial procedures for this purpose.
These treatments are very effective for pigmentation as they improve the skin metabolism, encourage active ingredients to penetrate deeper. However, I would say that they are not my first choice.

Especially in the case of photo-damaged pigmentations, the skin is already thin and weak. Excess exfoliation causes the skin to be more sensitive and reactive for sun exposure or free radicals.
The pigmentation could be removed temporarily; however, it will return, as the skin cells haven’t been fully repaired.

Therefore, the most effective method of anti-pigmentation is to lighten the pigments as well as improving skin cell production.

Especially in the summertime, the quantity of UV rays are very high so I recommend the peeling treatment as an option, depending on necessity.

Don’t get me wrong! The peeling treatment is a safe and effective treatment for skin conditions including problematic acne, uneven complexion, open pores and scars, as well as pigmentation.

The most important thing you must carry out for anti-pigmentation care is to avoid the problem in the first place! So please protect your skin with sun block cream every daytime, every season!

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