Andy Harvey - a gentle Hero in the world of Commercial Window Cleaning
26th March 2010
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Kesh Morjaria
Now as most people in the NW London area already know me to be crazily passionate about ordinary people delivering extraordinary service and that's the reason why I really love my job  -

Unsung local Heroes
In the last two years I have had the pleasure of meeting, knowing and introducing some phenomenal people who are dedicated to their work so much that most them are virtually unknown.  One Reason for this, whom I call Unsung true heroes of our local economy, is that they concentrate so much on their work that they have had no time to market themselves.

Andy Harvey

One such is a gentle person called Andy Harvey.  Andy is runs a Commercial Window Cleaning Company in the NW London.  If this not enough he is busy helping other business get more business by volunteering himself to duties a local business organisation and not to mention that in his free time (I am surprised he has any more time) he raises funds for charity -

Music to my Ears

I introduced Andy to a Cafe that is Huge glass widows and believe me lots of Glass - this cafe needed to impress upon its clients cleanliness and hence wanted their windows to be Spotless - now a days a rare sight in the fast-food outlets.

Worth at twice as much

The owner of the cafe called me personally to inform me that while he was sceptical to begin with and even haggled the with the price but left impressed that Andy had gone out of his way to make the window so clean that he would have gladly paid twice as much -

meeting people like Andy leaves me energised and now you see why I love my work -

Oh and almost forgot to mention - to meet Andy or help him find more business please - click here


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