A Poem for BNI Members by Helen Abrahami
28th February 2010
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We all talk about going to workshops, learning how to network, to refer, to present, but all this is about how to do business.  From week to week, even after training, we sometimes forget the art of how to do things properly.  With many numbers in the chapter we are all different, but we are all striving to do our best for each other in the chapter, because that is why we are here, but sometimes we lose the plot. We are here to do business and this is mainly done by our core work– referrals.

Go to a training at Mill Hill on a Wednesday morn
You won’t have time to have a yawn
You’ll be writing notes on how to refer
Once you get the hang of it you start to purr
The message will sink in, how to make it occur.

Whilst having breakfast you’ll learn how to act
To get more business and that’s a fact
The more you interact with BNI
Learn to be outgoing and say Hi
How to get a larger slice of the pie

Meet Charlie Phil Berg and be inspired
Learn a method that’s tested and tried
Plan your 60 seconds so it’s second to none
Make sure it’s snappy and lot’s of fun
So that your fellow members remember you well
Whilst talking to others your name rings a bell.

Put your leaflets on the chapter table
Where members and visitors will be able
To take them with them and remember you
Now isn’t that real sensible to do?
Carry members’ cards with you wherever you can
Show your’re a fan and you have a plan

Learn how to network and be man of the month
Don’t be that person on a heap of junk
Bring visitors to meetings and earn some praise
Be conversant in these proficient ways

Whilst meeting at offices try to observe
The lack of services which might perturb
The client you’re visiting and offer chapter expertise
From the excellent team you have as your keys
And open a category that is badly in need
A contributing factor to the positive deed
Whether florist or plumber or garden landscaper
A chef, a baker or candlestick maker. 

Take notice, observe and be aware
If for your fellow members you have a care
Always warm up and not give a lead
Of this action you should always take heed
Don’t forget to say thank you for the referral you receive
For this is how to network BNI believe
As people remember you for your courtesy
You’ll never wind up in adversity

Always smile and think a good thought
Otherwise your efforts may come to naught.
Make sure you attend meetings and you won’t get a letter
Always think tomorrow I will do better
If you can’t attend, make sure there’s a sub
Don’t be caught out down at the pub
Be honest, be true, as you promised to be
Then the point of BNI you will clearly see
And look forward to the day you receive a fat fee!

Helen Abrahami is the member of the Illustrious Chapter of the BNI


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