A huge THANK YOU from Deanne Gold and all the kids from Kilimanjoro region
10th May 2010
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Mawanda Primary School is located in the Rombo district Kilimanjoro region, close to Kenya and the Tanzania border.

The school has 232 pupil (inclusive of 25 kindergarten) As it stands at the moment it is in desperate need of help, the poor conditions of the classrooms are having direct implication on the children’s health whereby the children are suffering from respiratory problems caused by inhaling dust. There are no windows, lighting etc and the kitchen and toilets are not ideal either. Due to all these problems and the lack of adequate facilities, the attendance of the pupils is reducing dramatically.

On 25TH September 2010 myself together with 6 other people are going out thereto help renovate the school. We will be helping to renovate three classrooms, constructing 14 toilet holes and also a safe clean kitchen. In order for me to do this I personally need to raise £2,200.

Please help me to get to my goal target so that I get to Tanzania and help with this project. You can simply donate by going to www.justgiving.com/Deanne-Gold

A HUGE THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT - it’s really appreciated not just by me but most importantly the kids in Tanzania!

this is posted by Kesh for Deanne Gold of www.keyconnectors.com

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