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20th March 2010
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Amongst the armies of experts who are employed, by every goverment in Europe, to predict what will happen to the economy and the way we all live , in 20 years time few would disagree that : The prospects of lifetime salaried employment are rapidly deminishing. Creating wealth from manufacturing will continue to decline in favour of big businesses supplying services. Big businesses devoted to supplying services will continue to look for ways of using technology to replace humans. The average number of people employed in all businesses will continue to decline. Future prosperity will depend on new, very small businesses and self employment.

Direct selling is, today, Europes largest provider of independent earnings opportunities. That is why the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, recorded a message of support to the Direct Selling Association and to all those who have taken the initiiative to start there own small business with DSA member companies.
Starting any type of new new business is tough, risky and needs start-up capital. You may have a great idea, but there is know guarantee that it will work in practice- and then there is the challenge of selecting the most cost-effective way of finding customers. Franchise opportunities, with a proven business format, do help to reduce the risk element, but they still need capital-and usually quite a lot.
A flexible and proven business opportunity, requiring only a modest investment in a business kit and which can be started on a part-time basis, is what direct selling is all about- and is why , in the UK alone, almost half a million people take up these opportunities every year. Many of todays entrepreneurs gained their first experience of business with a direct selling company.

Even though the financial risk in direct selling is low, everyone who takes up such an opportunity is entitled to some assurance that: The business opportunity is legal. They will recieve sound advice and training. The company deals fairly with both consumers and every direct seller who takes up an earnings opportunity. That is what the DSA demands of every member company which, as a condition of membership, has to agree to both an audit by the DSA's code administrator and to abide by the DSA's code of business conduct. The DSA consumer code was one of the first codes to gain 'Approved Code' status from the Office of Fair Trading and both these codes offer a level of protection that exceeds that required by law.

USANA Health Sciences
One of the leaders in the Direct Selling world is a company named USANA Health Sciences, a prospective member and soon to be elected to a full member on the DSA UK.  USANA Health Sciences develops high-quality, science-based nutritional and personal care products, with a commitment to continuous product innovation and research. USANA associates are independent distributors of our products who receive compensation by selling our products. They also build and manage their own sales force by recruiting and training others to do the same, and are compensated on sales of their business group. This model allows a personal touch that enhances awareness of the health benefits of our products and appeals to those who seek to supplement their income or start a home-based business. USANA also has one of the highest payout percentage for profitable, reporting companies in the industry today.

For more information on starting a USANA home based business Click here or contact Brian Knapp Independent USANA Associate, Mob: 07811 221 941 Off: 020 8427 2348 

To Buy USANA products click here.

More Information on the DSA Click here

Article Source: Making Money Magazine, April 2010


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