8 Successful Habits to Raise Your Potential in any Climate - Habit #1
3rd September 2010
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Welcome to the first part of an eight-part article on the 8 Successful Habits to Raise Your Potential in Any Climate.

I'm sure that you will enjoy reading these successful habits and if you want to get the best from these series of articles, then put these habits into action straight away so that you can be more successful in your business and in your personal life.

The most successful entrepreneurs in the world use these strategies that have elevated them and catapulted them into the highest stratospheres of business success and it is easy for you to incorporate these strategies in your daily life. All you need to do is understand what habits you have that you do every day, whether they are good for you or not, and then say to yourself that these habits either need to stay or need to go. Those habits that are not working for you need to go now (not tomorrow)! Strike while the iron is hot!

Those habits that are working for you need to stay and you need to share these successful habits with others so that they too may benefit from your wisdom. Hence, this brings me nicely on to the first successful habit:

1. Network & Collaborate with others that you admire, who have similar interests to you or who may be able to help you.  People are usually shy of saying hello and meeting others and sometimes fear that they may not come across well to the other person. These are in built fears as we tend to have the ‘fear of the unknown’, i.e. how will we come across professionally, what will be the result of not being able to say the right things or being able to strike up a decent conversation, will they take me seriously and all the other negative talk that you say to yourself?

The trick is not to put too much pressure on yourself. Just imagine that they are an old friend. I’m sure you can communicate effectively with your friends and your family and are at ease with yourself in their company. Think of a time when you were confident, at ease, were comfortable and the conversation was at a relaxed flow. Now just take those qualities of confidence, ease and relaxation with you and imagine that you are talking to someone that has known you for years. What is the conversation like now? What do you hear them say to you? What do you hear yourself saying to them? Notive how comfortable and relaxed you feel. Notice how good and smart you look.

People actually do like talking to others when they are comfortable with them and some especially like talking about themselves to others. Hence, get them to talk about themselves first and really do listen to what they are saying, rather than just “hearing” what they say. When you do this, you will be picking up their tone and pitch. The level of volume they use, the words and phrases they use and also look out for the muscle and eye movements of their face. Notice their body language. If you can match and mirror this (not mimick them), you will quickly be able to build rapport with them. One of the best secrets in building rapport with people is to match their pace and area of breathing! If you can do this, they will unconsciously be in synchronisation with you easily and highly effectively. When I say area of breathing, I mean where they are breathing from. People breath either from their chest, their abdomen or from their stomach. Each area of breathing shows that person's character and what kind of emotions they are showing. People practice this in yoga and for those who do, does the difference in location of where you breathe from change the way you think and the way you feel? The pace in which you speak will also be different if you breathe from different locations of your middle cortex. Try it and see.

People also like to be praised and flattered for their experience, skills and knowledge, but make sure that this doesn’t come across in a false way as people can easily tell.

When you collaborate with others, what you are doing is creating leverage for yourself. The word 'leverage' means the following:

  1. the action of a lever
  2. the increased force resulting from this
  3. means of accomplishing some purpose
  4. Positional advantage; power to act effectively

In business always look for leverage points. This may mean getting someone who is a specialist rather than doing it yourself. This might be in the areas of marketing, finance, admin, etc. All business moguls have done exactly the same thing. You won't find Alan Sugar, Warren Buffett or Richard Branson doing the accounts for the company and looking after the IT systems or doing the admin work now would you? So why do something and waste precious time and resources doing something you're not good at? Outsource it to someone who is good at it and enjoys doing it!

Collaborate with other people in the same business as you - i.e. this could be your competitor! The power of two or more is more powerful than the power of 1! You may be targeting the same customer base and can share your databases together  - most people call this affiliate marketing.

However, make sure that whoever you collaborate with shares your same beliefs and philosophies and that they have the integrity and scope for both of you to benefit. This is highly important and you should take your time to make sure that you can trust each other. You don't want weak links that will collapse the whole chain.

Finally, remember this:
"The waves of an ocean move further across the shore when there are smaller waves helping the bigger wave to follow its path" - Kush Shukla.

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