25 Ways to get Visitors to Your Site (part 1)
9th June 2010
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By Wayne Davies - SEO Specialist.

The call came late one Friday afternoon. The man on the phone spoke with a fervour seen only in sales people with something to sell.

He was offering the opportunity to receive 'targeted' visitors to my site. In return, I would be locked into a contract that required I continue to pay a monthly fee for one full year.

He was vague about where all this traffic came from, and why it was especially suitable for my business. I declined his offer because I have no faith in either the targeting ability or integrity of bulk traffic suppliers.

Besides, I already know hundreds of low-cost/no-cost ways to get targeted visitors to my site.

This article is the first in a series that explains how you can get targeted visitors to your site. I'll share 25 of my favourite techniques, every one of which is free.

Each article in the series will cover a different method. As the series progresses, I'll also show you powerful ways to combine different methods to send even more visitors to your site.

My 25 free ways to get targeted visitors to your website are...

  1. How to get the right people interested
    Essential to getting pre-qualified visitors in your target market
  2. What to do with targeted traffic on arrival
    This article contains the key to turning visitors into leads
  3. Blogging for traffic
    My unique approach is designed to send you the right kind of visitor
  4. Tweeting for traffic
    A unique approach to tweeting aimed at getting targeted traffic
  5. The traffic triangle
    Discover a simple approach that brings together methods 1-4 in a way that generates more traffic than the sum of its parts
  6. Article marketing
    A simple system that generates an ongoing stream of visitors to your site
  7. The Packaged Blog Concept
    The easy way to get your articles out to a much wider audience
  8. Facebook group
    Some products and services work better with Facebook than Twitter. This article explains how to use it to expand your reach
  9. The traffic quadrangle
    Takes the traffic triangle even further
  10. Guest Blogging
    Reach a whole new audience
  11. Blog Comments
    A quick way to pick up traffic (especially in light of the techniques in method #1) that also offers SEO benefit
  12. Squidoo
    This powerful tool combines with a built-in community of millions, potential SEO benefit, and further expands the reach of your traffic triangle
  13. SEO I
    An introduction to SEO designed to help you rank for quick and easy search terms and pick up increasing numbers of visitors over time
  14. SEO II
    More quick and easy SEO techniques you can start using immediately
  15. Link Bait
    Why invest months of your life in SEO link building when you can get others to do it for you?
  16. Business Directories
    Not all business directories are created equal. This article discloses some of the best, explains what to look for, and how to use them to get traffic
  17. Classified Sites
    The best classified sites send you traffic and convey SEO benefit. This article explains how to maximise the traffic you get from them
  18. Business Networking
    Most people at networking events hope you'll buy from them. This article looks at an alternate approach that is highly effective and very profitable
  19. Business Stationary
    You'd be amazed at the traffic your With Compliments slip or Promocard can send you - when you use the technique in this article
  20. Friends, colleagues, family, clients and suppliers
    A simple approach that turns your extended network into a source of visitors to your site
  21. Competitions and Surveys
    The correct way to use competitions and surveys to attract targeted traffic, and a look at how to avoid accidentally generating untargeted visitors
  22. Your existing clients
    New ways to attract them back to your site
  23. Forums, answers, groups and your expertise
    A look at how online Forums can send you a targeted traffic
  24. The Online Press Release
    It's never been easier to issue a Press Release, but this widely misunderstood marketing tool is seldom successful. Here's an approach that works
  25. The SEO Marketing Group
    A free mutual-assistance group that sends you a new way to get traffic every day

Next Instalment: How to get the Right People Interested.

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