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Online Business Skills Training

06 January 2017 11:39

Learning new skills are important in business. However, people are busy and often don't have the time to spend away on training. Also, budgets are tight.

Introduction to DISC Personality Assessments

Everyone should be treated with care and respect. Whilst people are different, everyone has a value with special strengths and qualities. People very rarely set out to cause upset - they just behave differently. That’s because they are different.

A Simple, yet Effective, Training Tool from Ei4Change

Within our workshops we help people to become more aware of their behaviours and how these impact upon other people.


13 May 2015 16:24

NeuroBusiness 2015 - a conference in Manchester looking at the business of applying neuroscience.

An Introduction to DISC Personality Assessments

Selecting staff by trial and error can be a very expensive experience. DISC is a profiling tool that can reduce the chance of making expensive mistakes in recruitment.

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