Five fun things to do with your family in the school summer holidays
25th August 2009
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Five fun things to do with your family in the school summer holidays

School summer holidays are almost over. Up and down the country thousands of parents across the UK are scratching their heads, trying to find ways in which they can entertain their children and make the most of the holiday.

Time flies too quickly, as we all know! You can always visit The Best of Bognor Regis childrens events pages here
for some ideas.

To help you, here are some other ideas of things to do, suitable for children of all ages.

Bask on a Beach

Locally in Bognor Regis we are spoilt for great beaches. Break out the buckets and spades, climb in to your cozzie, pack the picnic hamper, and off you go. You cannot guarantee the weather, so include a kite, a bat and ball, a frisbee, and a determination that everyone WILL enjoy themselves, and I am sure they will! As a treat you are sure to find somewhere to get an ice cream after your sandwich.

Conquer a Castle

Everyone loves a good castle, and luckily, there are plenty about.  Near to hand we have Arundel Castle, Southsea Castle, Portchester Castle, and Carisbrooke Castle with it’s famous donkey wheel well (near Newport on the Isle of Wight). Further afield there are Leeds Castle (in Kent), Windsor Castle, Dover Castle, Rochester Castle… the list goes on!

Go Green and camp (…even if it’s just in your garden!)

Children usually love the idea of going camping. A few hours spent putting the tent up, hammering tent-pegs into the ground, getting the beds ready, finding the torches and preparing the ‘midnight snack’ provides them with plenty of fun.  Mind you, they will probably be tucked up indoors as soon as it starts to get dark and they hear those owls and foxes…!

Plan a Picnic

It’s like eating indoors, but outdoors!  All you need is a rug, some food (and drink!), and a nice day. Find somewhere unusual or picturesque to make your camp - near a stream, a river, or the sea, is perfect. Present the children with fishing nets and ask them to catch lunch… meanwhile you rustle up some delicious sandwiches, biscuits, have a cup of tea, and wait. Take along some favourite family toys to make a full day of it – football, rounders bat, badminton set, or boules.

Bag a Bargain – at a Car Boot Sale

If your children are like most others, their favourite toy (in the whole wide world!) is the one they haven’t got yet! Their eyes will bulge when they see all that is on offer, and this time it should be affordable! They’ll love rummaging round a car boot sale, looking for the perfect toy.
Be brave, give them a fiver to spend, and see what they come back with! Most car boot sales start early in the morning. They are a good way for children to spend a couple of hours, and you still have plenty of time to do things for the rest of the day.


Other great ideas around Bognor Regis include the award-winning The Flying Fortress near Bognor Regis

You will find plenty of other things to do by visiting our general events page here

Lastly, this weekend we have the Bognor Regis Illuminations Gala


Whatever you do, have a great time.  And do it today! In no time at all you will wonder where their holidays disappeared to.


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