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Is now the time to Re-mortgage and what is the outlook for interest rates with inflation at 4.5% and economic growth low?
It is worth looking at the option of fixing your mortgage now before the base rate starts to rise and the demand out strips the supply of fixed rate mortgages and prices are pushed up as a result.
Great new mobile website addition to The Best of Bognor Regis is here for people on the move!
What is marketing?
What is marketing?
Marketing made simple, with The Marketing Kitchen of Bognor Regis. Affordable, friendly and expert advice to carry your business ideas to success. Get the most from what you are doing, as quickly as possible.
Are Mortgage Lenders keen to lend again? Some Standard Variable Rates are high - it is now worth looking at re-mortgaging for many borrowers. Some lenders are offering a tracker rate with the option to switch to a fixed rate during the product period!
A free business event to help retain staff by mediation, and a great networking opportunity
What does a new government mean for the housing and mortgage market? is there a danger of interest rates rising? What action should be taken?
A free business exhibition with local businesses, seminars, and networking
How much of a benefit is the reduction of Stamp Duty for First Time buyers? Are you eligible for this and if not what can be done about it?
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