What is marketing?
2nd November 2010
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 What is marketing?

We all know Sales is the actual process of getting someone to purchase your product or service.

Marketing is far more than that.

It is the whole process of introducing and promoting your product or service into the market, and which then encourages sales from the buying public.

To be successful, the business must be focussed, or centred on the customer, and not on the products. Not all companies are good at doing this. A few weeks back, by way of Twitter, I was reacquainted with a very experienced marketeer, Adrian Slade, who is so good at this he lectures at Henley Business School.

What was exciting was to hear that Adrian has just launched a totally new and affordable concept to help local businesses, in getting to grips with marketing, and to ensure they make the very best of their opportunities.

The new company, The Marketing Kitchen, cleverly uses the dynamo of any household – the kitchen – as the centre from where you can make things happen in your company. Like a range of vital ingredients, you can choose the elements from their services that you want, to help you on the way to sitting down at your own table of success!

This cost-effective approach to marketing, right on our doorstep, in Bognor Regis, can give you the control you want, the direction you need, and the flexibility to have friendly expertise at your fingertips, when you need it.

For more information, see here how The Marketing Kitchen can help you.

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