Garden Clearance and Makeover
26th January 2012
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Hi, I’m Mark Stradling, owner of Mark’s Garden Services in Bishop’s Stortford. Today I’ll be talking about garden clearances and garden makeovers, which are carried out for one main reason:


You would like a complete change of garden scenery and require your garden cleared and re-built to your requirements.


Everything within the boundary of your garden fence is completely removed which may include some, if not all, of the following:


  • Vegetation along with all roots removed
  • Trees with stumps ground to below ground level
  • Patio paving and its underlying base materials removed
  • Ornamental features such as ponds emptied, cleared and filled in
  • Buildings and fences removed, concrete bases and paths cleared
  • Lawns rotavated and cleared


All of this will create a blank canvas so you can have your garden rebuilt for you to your requirements


Below are two photographs of a typical garden clearance followed by a garden makeover to the customer’s requirements.


The first photograph shows a completely cleared garden. The garden paved patio area attached to the patio double doors has been cleared. The central garden paved path has been removed along with several large tree stumps and shrubs. The complete lawn rotavated and disposed of.


The second photograph shows the new lawn turf having been installed along with an area of raised decking and side path built to the patio double doors.


The garden clearance and subsequent makeover gave back the garden to our customers. They now have an enjoyable space for them, as a couple to relax, in the warm sunny evenings and their two young boys to play football in. After all, your garden is an extension of your house – when the weather permits I hear you say!


We at Mark’s Garden Services are more than capable of carrying out this type of work and would be proud to be associated with making your garden a place to enjoy.

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