Why You Should Choose A Local Florist
16th August 2016
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You can get anything and almost everything online these days, and that includes flowers…but should you?

There have been countless horror stories from people who have ordered from big, national firms only to find that on Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day their flowers weren’t delivered or, perhaps just as bad, were already dead when they arrived. That won’t impress your intended recipient much!

So why should you choose a local florist instead? Well, as well as supporting local businesses, if you’re getting some flowers for your partner, then you want to get something that reflects you as a couple, and says “forever and always” – and with a local florist you’re much more likely to get the best and the freshest flowers. By buying local, you can also go into the shop and see the quality of the flowers for yourself, picking and choosing exactly what you want in the bunch. Most importantly you can get invaluable advice and guidance if you’re unsure of what to get.

Buying from a local florist also means that you’re more likely to get more bang for your buck, as the costs involved with sending flowers across the country can increase the price.

If you have something or someone you want to celebrate, want to brighten someone’s day with a beautiful gift, or you just need to tell someone you appreciate them, then go to your local florist. You won’t regret it!


Are you in the local area and looking for a florist? Check out our local florists page to find the best in Birmingham.

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