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A novel approach to drug discovery is enabling University of Birmingham researchers to overcome the ‘valley of death’, where projects fail due to the funding gap between original research and commercial investment.
Plans for the first West Midlands Walking Trail that will connect local people and visitors with nature sites and cultural attractions have been unveiled.
The West Midlands has become the first English region to screen people for bowel cancer in their local pharmacy, at home or in other local settings, using new colon capsule endoscopy services (CCE) – so-called ‘pill cam’.
Stroke specialists at a West Midlands NHS Trust can now diagnose the condition faster and more accurately thanks to artificial intelligence software accessed on their smart devices.
Spiritual wellbeing is the way that you understand and make sense of what happens to you. It is what your mind goes through when it needs relief or comfort.
Primary school pupils from across the region have come together to celebrate and share their initiatives and ideas for healthier lifestyles, as a result of taking part in the Health for Life programme.
Mental and emotional wellbeing is a tricky concept to define. It can relate to how we are feeling, our resilience levels, or our ability to stay calm and focused.
A Birmingham-based hospice charity has been recognised at a top industry awards ceremony for its dedication to going above and beyond for patients at the end of life.
Top 10 Happiness Tips
Top 10 Happiness Tips
10 tips to increase happiness by Hansa Pankhania, a published author of 10 Wellbeing books for adults and children available on Amazon or through her website.
Communication styles and skills, in particular listening skills and empathy.
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