What type of blinds should you choose?
19th July 2016
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Venetian or Roman Blinds

Whether you’re completely redecorating a room, or fancy making a small but significant change, blinds can be the perfect way to bring together a room…but which type should you choose? Venetian or Roman?

Venetian Blinds

The Venetian blind can offer so much in terms of control over the lighting of the room, allowing the amount of light coming into the room to be changed to suit your needs. Because of this, it’s perfect for a living room, or a room with a screen in it such as an office.

There are drawbacks however, as the Venetian blind is made of several slats, meaning that light can still enter the room when the blinds are fully closed. This makes them unsuitable for bedroom use, especially if you’re struggling to get to sleep, unless it’s pitch black.

With the design of the Venetian blinds, the type of material they can be made out of is flexible, allowing wood, aluminium and PVC amongst others to be used, giving you more choice and more ability to fit the blinds in with the unique style of the room.

Roman Blinds

A style more suited to bedrooms or rooms you want to completely exclude light from, Roman blinds offer more in the way of customisation than their Venetian counterparts, and as such you can easily match your blinds to the décor of your living room or bedroom.

They’re also easier to raise and lower with most Roman blinds coming with a simple side chain, which can be much quicker than Venetian blinds.

More Information

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