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21st February 2019
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I joined the Birmingham Chinese Women’s Association whereupon I become president. I joined BCWA in 1995 and we actively involved ourselves in numerous fundraising projects. I am especially proud of helping out the St. Mary’s Hospice, raising money in 2005 for the South China Flooding Appeals and raising money to build the Project Hope Primary School in Mainland China Anhui province.

In 2007 I was invited to Overseas Chinese Association School where I am now the deputy head and one of the school governors. In 2007, James B Wong from Chung Ying Group approached me with an idea to give something back to the community; this was the start of our charity Chinese elderly lunches.

Together we set-up monthly elderly lunches, which involves free lunch, raffle prizes, show, day trip and regular meet up. Each month with generous help from Chung Ying and our sponsors we organise free lunch for 40 people (age 65 or over) and during the traditional culture festivals celebrations there can be more than 120 elderly guests attending.

My role is to organise the events, from educational classes participants to other events such as finding transports for day trip, sourcing sponsors for the events, liasing with elderly and families organising the entertainers/ singers / speakers (some are invited from HK / China)

These festivals and events means a great deal to me, to see the elderly enjoying themselves, eating well but most importantly having a good time. A lot of the elderly live by themselves but these events give them an opportunity to see and meet old acquaintances and make new friends.

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