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16th October 2014
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One of the things I like to do is fully understand the businesses we have on TBOB.
That means I will try to experience pretty much anything possible so I can help spread the word about the great things they do.


That’s great if the business is a Restaurant or Beauty Salon!
However, my latest challenge was Total Fitness Emporium Gym – way out of my comfort zone.


Just on the Tyburn Road, not far from the city, it’s well located for everyone.


The first thing I noticed is that although there are a lot of “well built” gents there, it’s not intimidating as you might expect. There is even a ladies Only Gym upstairs too! The atmosphere has a buzz about it. There are various sections for different types of weights and I was fascinated by the boxing area upstairs.


I was led into the “Functional Area” by Robbie and Miles to be put through my paces. This is a little quieter and there were a couple of other ladies training in there. After 30 minutes of Battle Ropes and Prowlers, I had legs like jelly, but the guys didn’t push me too far.  You can even have a protein shake in the cafe area after your work out to get the nutrients back into your body.


To say that I am unfit is an understatement, however having a Personal Trainer with you really motivates you to keep trying.  The guys at Total Fitness can put together personal plans, so if for example you want to get in shape for a holiday or even your Wedding, it can be done and there’s no way you are allowed to slack or deviate once you start – and to be honest, why would you want to?


Next Challenge for me at the Emporium – Boxing!


By Sam Nicolson


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