The Three D's
13th February 2014
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I know, you're saying l've heard of the the R's but what on earth are the three D's???


This morning they were dilemma, dithering, decision.


I was to travel into Birmingham to see the Matthew Bourne ballet, Swan Lake, at the Hippodrome; train journey, lunch with friends and drinks afterwards, all planned.


Then what happened, it started to snow, that's the dilemma! ! ! Oh no, they can't cope with leaves on the line, how will they do with snow! !! The mobiles began humming and "shall we go by car because my hair will get wet", "shall we cancel because we might get snowed in", "shall we go anyway and book into a hotel and really make an outing of it", that was the dithering. Then, "no, it's only a bit of snow, where's the Dunkirk spirit?? Yes pack your credit card, a spare pair of knickers and let's live a little" That was the decision.


So l caught the train, bang on time, sat back and enjoyed the journey. We had lunch at Le Truc in the Arcadian Centre, which for me was a gorgeous pear and walnut salad to start with followed by slow cooked beef with mustard mash and kale, it was absolutely delicious. Of course no trip to the theatre is complete without "the visit to the sweet shop next door", so much for all those new year resolutions, yet again!


The ballet was just wonderful. The enactment of the story was brilliant and the costumes were incredible (l wanted all the outfits the ladies wore to the gala night scene, especially the black velvet trouser suit with the wide diamante reveres). Without giving anything away, because you must get to see it, the ending was heart rending, l cried buckets, which was terrific because l really enjoy a good cry, and the audience gave the dancers a much deserved standing ovation.


Once again l was so pleased that l had made the effort to broaden my horizons and experience new things, had l not have done so l would be enjoying my life and my surroundings so much less.


Thank you Birmingham for offering me so much, l shall venture into the world of Opera next (l was always a Morse fan).


Author: Kay Jinks

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